Chia Seeds (200g)

Chia Seeds (200g)
Chia Seeds (200g)



Hey, guess what? Turns out one of your childhood pets is a superfood. No, we aren’t talking about fluffy. We’re talking about your chia pet. Remember those? Buy a clay figurine in some kind of animal form, water regularly and abracadabra you’ve got a furry green friend.
So your favorite chia pet is a superfood that packs a serious nutritional punch. In only a 28 gram serving, you get 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and 5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids! You also get a good amount of your recommended daily amount of calcium, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus. Best of all, all that nutrition is only gonna cost you 137 calories and 1 gram of carbs (yeah, you read that right. No, it’s not a typo. One gram of carbs). And that’s not even all the stuff your chia pet provides. These super-seeds are loaded with antioxidants and will reduce your blood pressure and decrease inflammation and may help lower blood sugar spikes after meals, making them ideal for helping to regulate blood sugar levels.
We bet that chia pet is starting to seem a lot cooler now, isn’t it? OK, maybe not and frankly, these seeds are kind of bland. But that makes them really easy to incorporate into your diet. You can use them to thicken sauces, add them to baked goods or make a breakfast pudding with some of our cacao powder and almond milk!
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