Bee Pollen (200g)

Bee Pollen (200g)
Bee Pollen (200g)



Made with care by loving bees, this superfood will have you buzzing too. Bee pollen is the food of the young bee and it is approximately 40% protein. It takes those little guys eight hour workdays for a whole month to make one teaspoon of this golden fairy dust!
Containing almost all the nutrients our human bodies require, bee pollen is one of Mother Nature’s most nourishing foods. And guess what? Bee pollen can’t be made in a lab. Why, you ask? Well, even science can’t crack every mystery. Bees have a secret ingredient all of their own (we did say it was made with love...)
About half of the protein found in bee pollen, that stuff that makes you buzz, buzz, buzz, is in the form of free amino acids. What does all that science-talk mean? Well, it means that it’s ready to be used right away by that bizzzy body of yours!
Bee pollen doesn’t just give you an added crunch in your favorite smoothie, it’s a skin soother, aids in digestion, boosts your immunity and strengthens your blood vessels. Sounds like everything a busy bee like you needs!
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