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Pink Himalayan Salt (227g)

Pink Himalayan Salt (227g)
Pink Himalayan Salt (227g)

Spilling salt may be considered bad luck by some but trust us, you’ll be much better off once you dump out all that traditional salt you’ve been using all these years. We promise that this Himalayan salt will flavor your food just the same but with less sodium per serving, more minerals, and a lot more benefits. And there’s this whole cool reason for that pleasant pink hue: it’s an indication of the salt’s rich iron content so you know it’s good for your blood.
So at this point you might be wondering where this salt comes from. You’re probably thinking, “but Kogui, the Himalayas are nowhere near the sea, where does all this salt come from?” Well, Kogui is kind of busy doing his astral travel thing, but we’ll explain it to you: once upon a time crystallized sea salt beds were covered by lava and then surrounded by snow and ice, which protected the salt from modern-day pollution. Believed to be the purest salt in the world, these pink gems are hand-mined from the mountains and brought to you by Kogui.
This salt is naturally rich in iodine so it doesn't need to be added in artificially. Himalayan salt also contains less sodium per serving than table salt thanks to its larger crystal structure and packs over eighty minerals including sulphate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate, bromide, borate, strontium, and fluoride. Thanks to these minerals, this pink salt can balance electrolytes, increase hydration, regulate water content inside and outside your cells, balance pH and reduces acids reflux, prevents muscle cramps, aides in proper metabolism function, strengthens bones, and removes toxins. Wow! And though these pink crystals look too pretty to use, you can use your Himalayan salt the way you would that boring old salt you used to own. You did throw it out already, right?
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