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Environmental Responsibilities We Fulfill at The Raw Place

Our Suppliers:

We use organic, pesticide free, GMO free, whole, natural, and unprocessed ingredients. We strive to only use organic produce and source locally wherever possible. We support local farms in the region and only select suppliers that not only follow organic farming processes but are also recognized on an international level and certified to European standards.

Our Packaging:

As an environmentally responsible and health-promoting company, we do not take any manufacturing decisions lightly. Using plastic bottles to package our juices is no exception. Like some of our customers, we initially believed that glass packaging was the more ecologically sound choice for containing our juices. The commonly held belief is that glass is a more natural substance, which requires less energy to manufacture and/or recycle, and has a higher rate of being recycled than plastic. So let us take a closer look …

Glass consumes nearly twice as much energy to produce as plastic (source: Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute, 2008). The fossil fuels required to generate the very high temperatures needed to form glass are just one of the considerations. Glass produces nearly three times more air pollution than plastic (source: Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute, 2008). The pollution created by fossil fuels needed to manufacture glass, transport the glass, and ship the final product is increased. Glass creates nearly seven times more global warming gases than plastic (source: Carnegie Mellon University Green Design Institute, 2008).

Glass recycling rates are only slightly higher than plastic (source: State of California Dept. of Conservation, 2007) So …. evidently, glass is not all it’s cracked up to be. Our solution? Using BPA-Free PET plastic bottles. As a company committed to sustainability, we will continue to search for even more ecologically sound choices for the packaging of our products.
We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and to provide products that not only promote the health of our customers but the health of our planet as well. As for our boxes, bags, and brochures we use 100% recycled paper.

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