We're the best.

It's that simple: We're the best juice & plant-based food kitchen in the region. 

We’re the best because we opt to only use certified organic ingredients. Our intention is to be 100% organic and we’ll always inform you if something impedes us from doing just that.

We’re the best because we cold press our juice and cold pressing is far more effective than conventional juicing methods. Unlike rotary machines, cold pressing does not force air into the juice. Unlike rotary machines, cold pressing extracts the maximum amount of juice from the least amount of produce. Cold pressing is proven to provide the highest nutrient retention rate of any juicing method.

We’re the best because we carry the region’s most extensive lineup of juices and superfoods. We have the largest range of unique bottled beverages and superfoods, and our menu is constantly expanding. We don’t use hidden ingredients or processes to preserve or enhance any of our products. All raw, nothing processed.

We’re the best because nothing we serve is pasteurized or processed. Food is best when it is raw because it possesses all the live enzymes and nutrients that living organisms possess in their purest, freshest form.

We’re the best because we’ll always work on exceeding customer expectations through service, quality, and experience. Our stores are designed to inspire and promote healthy living in a delicious, accessible way. All of our products are made in-house, using the finest organic produce and absolutely no additives. Each and every ingredient we use is 100% natural. 


Abu Dhabi
WTC - Mall (Central Market)
Khalifa Street, Al Markaziyah
Abu Dhabi, UAE
T: 02 6334677, 026330277
Saturday - Thursday // 7am-11pm
Friday // 8am-11pm

Al Muneera Beach Plaza
Al Raha Blvd, Al Raha Beach
Abu Dhabi, UAE
T: 02 4446618
Saturday - Thursday // 7am-10:30pm
Friday // 9am-10:30pm

Peak Fitness – Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club
Abu Dhabi Golf & Equestrian Club
Abu Dhabi, UAE
T: +971 2 443 3566
Saturday - Thursday // 7am-9pm
Friday // Closed

ADNOC HQ – Level 18
Corniche Road
Abu Dhabi, UAE
T: +971 2 707 1883
Saturday - Thursday // 7am-10pm
Friday // Closed

Jumeirah Beach Road
Umm Suqeim 2nd, Shop # 6
Dubai, UAE
Saturday - Thursday // 7am-1am
Friday // 8am-1am